La Vuelta de Bisbee - Part 2

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If you are going to be doing massive amounts of climbing in the high altitudes and heat of southeast Arizona you had better have plenty of fluids on hand to keep yourself hydrated and recovered. As you can see here I prefer pretty basic things. I have just regular bottled water, gatorade, and Coca-Cola. I mainly feast on Envertitene and Carbooms during a race. It took me a while to figure out what does not upset my stomach.

Hmm....wait a second, what is that deeper in the cooler? Oh yeah, that is my favorite recovery drink! Stone Brewing Companies' Levitation. I figured that with the altitude, that the Levitation may give the team an advantage against our competition.

Now we all know that SIDI's are the best cycling shoes in the world. And there really is no 2nd place. They are so above and beyond everyone else. Of course, SIDI's are made in Italy. What a surpise that is. Is there even a shoe that is not made in Asia besides SIDI? That's a good question. Anyways, we ride the Ergo II's. And this year we are happily riding the Paulo Bettini Olympic Champion shoe. Unfortunately on one of the stages my feet overheated and I neglected to loosen up my shoes. Good thing I had that cooler of "recovery drink"!

Not only were my feet hurting, but unfortunately the desert and the winds got the better of me. I was a salt-caked-chap-lipped-utterly-destroyed-worthless-pile. But, of course, we will be there again next year. Enjoy the random photos.

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