There is no more innovative component manufacturer in cycling than Campagnolo. And Campagnolo's legacy dates back over 75 years. You could say that Campy has been making drivetrain components since before Shimano was born. At Pista Palace we are almost exclusively Campagnolo (we can't deny the awesomeness of Di2). You can be absolutely positive that we will provide you the guaranteed best service on any Campagnolo product. For those of you that run Shimano or SRAM, we are more than happy to service your needs, but not likely to stock the entire range that you can get at your local Performance store. But we may have a group or two of their best offerings.

11 Speed is here. And we have it in stock. While other companies are finally able to produce a carbon lever nearly 10 years after Campagnolo has, Campy continues to be the leader in innovation. The new Shimano 7900 just does not compare in any way to Super Record. You can not imagine how beautiful it is. My favorite part is the rear derailleur. Not cheap, yes. But nothing that is 100% made in Italy is. And that is what Campagnolo is: 100% made in Italy. (At least thats what they tell us!)

On almost every bike we build, it leaves with Campagnolo. It is almost obligatory given the quality of machines that we build. And being that Super Record now retails for less than Dura-Ace 7900, you have no excuse but to ride the most opulent and sexy group in existence.

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